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Fundraising Committee


Continually develop and execute fundraising strategies that make the organization’s efforts and community outreach sustainable.

Accomplishments to-date:

  • Recruited & developed a Fundraising Committee Community Outreach membership drive inviting interested community members to “Join Us and Support the Fight.”

  • Hosted Annual Shrimp Boil Fundraisers.

  • Hosted Celebrate Freedom in downtown Houma.

  • Offered branded WTPBC items for sales revenue (t-shirts, hats, mugs, tumblers, towels).

  • Established a giving program for memorial donations in lieu of flowers.



  • Build a network of local sponsors for community events.

  • Establish a planned development of fundraising.

  • Institute an annual mail-out fundraising campaign.

  • Track volunteer hours in community.

  • Build partnerships with community-minded organizations (Elks, Hope Restored, Local Food Banks).

  • Oversee grant writing efforts of WTPBC and assist in networking with major donors and foundations.

  • Advertise for business sponsors through website and recognition of sponsors at meetings.


Needs: Grant writers and volunteers

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