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Legislative Committee


Follow bills introduced in the Louisiana Legislature throughout the legislative process, from legislative committees to the floors of the LA House and Senate and to the Governor’s desk. WTP Bayou members will use the information to communicate with the elected officials on a regular basis -- voicing their support or opposition to proposed legislation.

Accomplishments to-date:

  • During the 2023 regular session we identified 55 bills as relevant to the Constitutional rights of our community. We followed them during the regular legislative session, having success with 30 bills that either passed into law, or were favorably defeated.

  • Committee members acted weekly and forwarded requests to friends and family members to also send emails and make phone calls to the House and Senate offices as needed.

  • Local legislators who represented the Bayou Community were held accountable for their votes on important legislation, with follow-up contacts from members.

  • Members attended legislative committee meetings and hearings as well as House and Senate floor proceedings at the capital in Baton Rouge to get a first-hand look at the process. When it was not possible to be there, they viewed committee hearings online.

  • Some of our members testified at those hearings.

  • We also met with other like-minded groups, attended special days at the capital, patriot forums, caucus functions, and conventions to meet with legislators in person.



Continue to be legislative watchdogs and inform the community.


Needs: Volunteers


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