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Marena Pizzolatto

Marena moved to Terrebonne Parish at the age of 5 years, daughter of Chester and Evelyn Head. She has been married to Dr. Leonard Pizzolatto since 1975. They  have 2 married children and 2 perfect grandchildren. She has devoted her life to God, family, friends and community.


After moving back to Houma, Marena helped establish Leonard’s practice. The first 10 years of their marriage Marena was either in school or working. After their children were born she was fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom. She has enjoyed serving in leadership positions in several ministries in her church. Together they have lead Bible studies in their home and worked with young married couples.  


Marena started a prayer ministry in 2019 entitled Heal Our Land, which rapidly grew to over 4000 members throughout the states. The focus was praying and sharing daily devotionals  for our country. After the group was censored on social media and  unconstitutional mandates came from State and National officials in 2021 she, along with other members for Heal Our Land organized We the People Bayou Community.


Marena’s dad served in the Pacific Theater in the Navy during WWII and finished his service in the Korean War.  This history had a big impact on her life and helped her to understand sacrifice for freedom and others. Marena is a GRANDMA BEAR and knows that she is called by God at this time in history to stand strong for the inalienable rights bestowed by God and secured in our Constitution for future generations. She is thankful to God for surrounding her with the partners in We The People Bayou Community and the opportunity to serve. Freedom isn’t free and it’s not passed down in our blood to future generations, it must be fought for, we stand united for our loved ones’ futures.


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