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Donate to We the People Bayou Community and stand with us to preserve the God-given rights secured in our Constitution and protected in the Bill of Rights for future generations.

If you prefer to donate via check, mail it to WTPBC P.O. Box 905, Houma, LA 70361. For memorial donations by check, please include the name of the loved one being honored and the family acknowledgement address. 

Donor Comments

“The price of freedom is constant vigilance. God Bless We The People”

~ Anonymous Donor. 



American State National here. I live in Thibodaux. I learned of your group from my sister. She knows I stand strongly for the Constitution and our God given rights and freedoms so she was sure to inform me of you all. I would love to be a part of your community and possibly be involved more in time”.

~ Anonymous Donor



“I am happy to be a part of a group of people wanting to make a positive change for America and future generations”

~Jeanne Naquin



“I was born and raised in Thibodaux. LA and I love my Louisiana. It hurts my heart to see the corruption...but what is best is that God loving people are fighting the fight to return Louisiana to what God meant it to be. GOD BLESS

~ Gilda Hebert Jackson

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ~ John Stuart Mill

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