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Sherri Robichaux


Born and raised in Gretna, LA, Sherri has been a resident of Terrebonne Parish since 1978 when she married Tony.  Together, they have three children and six grandchildren. Sherri keeps very busy doing a variety of things, many of them being faith-based such as daily mass, bible study, book club, Come Lord Jesus prayer group and ACTS ministry. She loves spending time with like-minded people who have a love for the Lord and bringing others to Christ. She enjoys learning from others with different perspectives as well.  Some of her other hobbies include pickle ball, tennis, crafting, sewing, and fishing.


Sherri was introduced to “We The People Bayou Community” in its early days when it was the prayer group “Heal Our Land.” This group was formed to keep our country covered in prayer during the time when many areas were experiencing unrest and lockdowns.  Feeling that this was one positive way to make a difference and be involved, she immersed herself into the group and remains very active still today. With the call upon Christians to serve as disciples of Christ and spread His word, Sherri remains focused on trying to live a life serving the Lord and others.

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